Monday, May 5, 2008

Team Photos, 1966-1979

Team photos for the Toronto Marlboros, Tulsa Oilers, Seattle Totems, Buffalo Sabres, Atlanta Flames, and Washington Capitals. Click on a photo to see it full size and read names (where listed).

1966-67 Toronto Marlboros, Memorial Cup and Canadian Jr. A Hockey Champions

 1967-68 Tulsa Oilers, Central Professional Hockey League, Adams Cup Winners
1969-70 Seattle Totems, Western Hockey League
1970-71 Buffalo Sabres
1971-72 Buffalo Sabres
1972-73 Buffalo Sabres
1973-74 Buffalo Sabres
1974-75 Buffalo Sabres
1974-75 Atlanta Flames
1976-77 Washington Capitals
1977-78 Washington Capitals
1978-79 Washington Capitals