Sunday, May 4, 2008

Sabres General Manager and EVP

In 1984, Meehan became the first former Buffalo Sabre to take a front-office position with the team. He served as assistant general manager under coach and general manager Scotty Bowman. During the 1986–87 season, Bowman stepped down, and Meehan was promoted to general manager. In 1993, Meehan was named executive vice president of sports operations, and he resigned in December 1994.

This is the original, authenticated 5x7 photo used for the Sporting News Hockey Guide (see crop marks from the printer). It was taken in 1986 and is from the Sporting News Collection.

This is an original, authenticated 8x10 photo from the Sporting News Collection. It was taken by Bruce Bennett in 1993, when Meehan was general manager of the Sabres. The John Rogers Photo Archive is the largest privately owned collection of photographic images (more than 33 million). For more information, visit the Rogers Photo Archives.)