Wire Photos

Original AP photo dated Dec. 7, 1975. Caption: "STICK TO IT -- Chicago Black Hawks Bob Sheehan gets his stick in front of Atlanta Flames Gerry Meehan as they go after the puck in the first period in Chicago Sunday."

Original AP photo dated Nov. 25, 1975.  Caption: "FLAMEOUT -- Montreal Canadiens' Pierre Bouchard blocks a shot on goal by Atlanta Flames' Gerry Meehan during the 1st period of Tuesday night's game in Atlanta. Canadiens goalie Ken Dryden watches the puck fly past."

Original AP photo dated Oct. 19, 1973. Caption: "ONE THAT MISSED: Buffalo Sabres forward Gerry Meehan, No. 15, watches his shot slide by the goal and get covered by Los Angeles Kings goalie Gary Edwards. Kings defenseman Larry Brown follows the play. The Sabres won the contest, 6-2, to take the first home victory of the NHL season."

Original AP photo published April 7, 1975. Caption: "FLYER MOVES ON -- Rick MacLeish of the Philadelphia Flyers moves the puck as Gerry Meehan of the Atlanta Flames makes a try at the play." 

Original AP photo dated Feb. 12, 1973. Caption: "EDWARDS SAVES -- Roy Edwards comes out of the goal to make a save against Gerry Meehan of the Buffalo Sabres. Helping out for the Detroit Red Wings is Gary Bergman."